Veska Bratanova, a long-time employee of Nadezhda 1871 Community Centre is related to the Bratanovs – one of the many families from Oriahovo we would like to describe in the new rubric of the Centre for Cultural and Historical Heritage and the Regional Historical Museum. Here is a short story narrated by her and a video made at her place.
The origin of the kin is related to Bratan Fargov from the town of Klisura, who moved to Oriahovo at the end of the 19th c. and married Oprika from the village of Selanovtsi in 1990. They had seven children: Mihal, Mincho, Magda, Minka, Olga, Yoncho and Nikola. Oprika’s brother was Yordan Yonov. Not having any descendants himself, he took care of his sister’s offspring. He even adopted one of them – Yoncho – and helped him to acquire proper education and to establish the Sokarno Mill between the village of Glozhene and the village of Bukyovtsi. Yoncho Yordanov is the grandfather of Yoncho Sabev. The first son, Mihal became the head of the police station in Oriahovo. He started a family with Mara, and their son Yordan is Mihail Bratanov’s father and Veska Bratanova’s father in law. The Bratanovs’ house in which now Veska lives was bought in 1925 from its previous owner – a grain dealer. In this home memories of the kin are kept as well as recollections about life in Oriahovo in 20th c.

Evgenia Naidenova