An important part of the tourist itinerary round Oriahovo is the National Revival architectural ensemble including the Old Bazaar, the marketplace from the time of the National Revival, the Ethnographic House, part of the Historical Museum, and the Renaissance church "St. George the Conqueror".


The Ethnographic Church is renovated in 1989 and the  rooms in it are preserved in their authentic form. In the first hall there was a small shop, and on the second floor were the living quarters. Now in the place of the shop there is a hall displaying traditional national culture, where visitors can become familiar with the one-apron female national costume typical not only of Oriahovo but also of the whole region of Vratsa. With the development of trade and the port, a number of migrants from the foothills and mountain areas move to Oriahovo in search of sustenance, with whom comes the pinafore female costume. The Romanian influence on Bulgarian national costume is also illustrated by some of the exhibits. It is a result of the fact that Bulgarians naturally fled to Romania driven away by the yoke, lived there for some time and coming back, brought to Bulgaria elements of Romanian culture. Today they are preserved in some villages as well as in the museum. Another thing that catches the eye is the ethnographic map of national Bulgarian costumes made by Hristo Vakarelski in the royal studio of Tsar Boris III. It is probably only in Oriahovo and the National Historical Museum that such maps can be seen.
The exposition continues with a costume from Salanovtsi and with elements of urban culture situated on the second floor. Here we find ourselves in a town house and its atmosphere, a place where a comparatively well-off family once lived, who could order their furniture from Vienna and receive their order at the port of Oriahovo, where it was brought by a special ship. The visitor can see the mirror, the bedroom bed, the wardrobe and the couch, which is the piece of furniture preserved from Bulgarian folk traditions.
Dr. Evgeniya Naidenova, Director of Historical Museum - Oriahovo