“Marin Varbanov” Art Gallery



“Marin Varbanov” Art Gallery in the town of Oriahovo starts functioning in 1986. It houses a lot of pictures drawn by artists related to Oriahovo and its attractions at different times.


The collection of pictures for the gallery starts at the moment of its establishment, in honour of the 800th anniversary of the town. At that time Oriahovo-born artists display their works and the gallery fund is gradually accumulated. At the same year the gallery is attached to the Historical Museum. At a later date, in 2007, the gallery becomes municipal property. In 1989 it is named after Prof. Marin Varbanov, who lived in Oriahovo and made it popular not only around the country, but also worldwide. His works are displayed in galleries around the world, and his textile work “The Chan” is the possession of our gallery.


In the gallery fund there are sculptures, paintings, graphics, textiles. All these works have been gathered by means of the annual international plainairs held in the town.

An exhibition of two outstanding authors from Oriahovo is currently displayed in the gallery - that of architects Dimitar Tsolov and Ivan Vasilyov, who have designed a wide range of buildings in different places in Bulgaria. It is they that have designed the National Library, Sofia University, Bulgarian National Bank, etc., in the capital. The gallery also holds a number of cultural events, such as theatrical performances, recitals, concerts.