The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary was built in 1911. A specially established commission is in charge of the construction headed by Priest Hristo Tomov and comprising the following members: the Mayor, Alexandar Stavrev, Archpriest Ivan Oprov, Priest Pavel Ivanov, Marko Petrov, Ivan K. Tomov, Kosta Tsachov, Krastyu P. Belyakov, Atanas Pantaleev, Petar G. Drashanski, Petko Benov, Hristo Stefanov, Tacho Dimitrov, Nikola Marinov, Ivan G. Kukov and St. Ivanov.
The temple is cruciform, with free props, and has a complex design resembling a Russian church - something typical for the time. The three domes optically make the building taller. The church has 4 bells.

3000 levs are ensured from the municipal budget towards the construction of the church, and part of the timber is provided by a local citizen. Serious obstacles are encountered in the process of construction. Ivan Okoliiski, a master builder hired to erect the church, dies before the latter is completed. The price of the woodwork contracted with the master carver Petar Kyavchev from Sofia proves unaffordable for the town. This is the reason why another carver is hired - Gancho Marangozov, also from Sofia, who produces the commissioned items in accordance with the requirements of Vratsa Diocese. The first bell and the candle holders are created by Master Russev from Rousse. The soleil (the raised part of the floor in front of the altar) is not approved by the Diocese, but it is decided that the correction will be made later.
The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary was consecrated on 15 August 1911, when the patronal festival of the temple is held annually. Since then the church has been in operation.