The amateurs from “Nadezhda 1871”Community Centre in Oriahovo celebrated Maternity Care Day on 21 January in “Prof. Marin Varbanov”Art Gallery, where they greeted the obstetritians and gynaecologists Dr. Ludmil Dimitrov, long-standing Head of Maternity Ward and Dr. Iren Stefanova, midwives Aiten Ilieva and Polya Ivancheva, pediatrician Dr. Lidiya Shernina as well as the mothers having born their children during the first quarter of 2014.
The celebration was a greeting for the medical professionals whose whole life has passed in the hospital in Oriahovo and due to whose assistance and care a lot of children have been born in the region of Oriahovo.
The medical staff were greeted by Aneliya Angelova, Chief Specialist at the Dept. of Culture, Sport and Tourism, and the mothers and children present – by Petya Elenkova, Chief Expert of Education at the Municipality of Oriahovo.
The amateur ensemble members enacted the ritual called Washing the Granny (Midwife) and Raising the child to the ceiling,
There was a lot of fun and amusement in the air, typical of such a celebration.
A lot of dances were danced, the final one being Danube Horo by Diko Iliev. The chief performers were the members of the Authentic  Folk Dance Ensemble and those of the Women’s Choir at the Community Centre.

Here are some photos of the event: