Exhibition “75th anniversary of Prof. Marin Kotsev”

On 29 January, 2015 in “Savchevi” Art Gallery an exhibition was opened dedicated to our prominent fellow citizen Prof. Marin Kotsev,  artist and professor at the National Art Academy. He is the son of Nikola Kotsev, founder of the Historical Museum in Oriahovo. The exhibition was organised in collaboration with “Prof. Marin Varbanov” Art Gallery and exhibits works of art from the funds of both cultural institutions. From the rich and valuable collection of the artist’s works predominantly portraits and stained glass projects are displayed. The combination of these works gives a general idea of the separate periods of his development. From the portraits belonging to his school years, the most striking are those of his parents Nikola Kotsev and Kirilka Kotseva, whose faces exude a marked sternness as well as those of the adolescent sailor Savcho and Granny Gyula. The series of portraits of eminent representatives of the town include those of Prof. Marin Varbanov, Andrey Chaprazov, Architects Dimitar Tsolov and Ivan Vasilyov, Mihail Kremen. Another series of impressive works is the caricature portraits of well known artists, lecturers at the Academy of Arts from different periods. The stained glass projects are related to Bulgarian history.

Neicho Savchev familiarised the attendants of the event with Prof. Marin Kotsev’s biography. Evgeniya Naidenova, Director of the Historical Museum thanked for the invitation for a collaborative exhibition. After that Petya Elenkova, Chief Expert at the Department of Education of the Municipality presented “Savchevi” Art Gallery with an encyclopaedia of prominent personalities from Vratsa District on the behalf of the Municipality of Oriahovo.




Biographical data:

Prof. Marin Kotsev was born on 29.01.1940 in Oriahovo in the family of Kirilka and Nikola Kotsevi. His father is the founder of the Historical Museum in the town. In 1959 Marin Kotsev finishes the High School of Arts in Sofia, and in 1965 – graduates from the National Art Academy in speciality Painting. In 1975 he specialises decorative and monumental arts in Brussels. He worked as a designer in the Ministry of Building, and as a painter and illustrator in the Architecture Magazine. From 1970 to 2008 Prof. Marin Kotsev is a lecturer at the National Academy of Arts. He works mainly in the sphere of decorative and monumental plastics, stained glass, mosaics and ceramics. His are the decorations of the facades of the Government Residence in Arbanasi, the decorative mosaics in Boyana Residence, the decorations in the Institute of International Relations in Moscow, the decorative stained glass project in the main corridor of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow.