Archeology Day at Historical Museum – Oriahovo

On 14th February the Day of Trifon Zarezan is celebrated according to the old-style calendar. Alongside it is St. Valentine's Day – or Lovers’ Day - according to the Western Orthodox calendar. The Eastern Orthodox Church honors St. Cyril the Philosopher on this day. And it is also the Day of Archeology.
At the Historical Museum the Day of Archeology was celebrated on Friday, 13th with an exhibition  presenting documents and the most important artifacts from the excavations in the Municipality of Oriahovo. The attendants of the event could also see two presentations. The first of them was entitled The Science of Archeology and portrayed the origin and development of archeology during XIII-XX c.
The other one was under the title “ Italy – the Country of Love” with a subtitle “ Love in the Art of Italian Painters” and displayed masterpieces of Italian art, in which the authors have immortalized their beloved. The presentation also contained excerpts from Sonnets of the Life and Death of Madonna Laura, which Francesco Petrarca dedicated to his beloved.
The event was attended by officials of the municipal administration, teachers, residents of Oriahovo. Seventh-graders from “Hristo Botev” Comprehensive School with class teachers Korneliya Vassileva and Hristo Banikov were also present.