“Children about Levski” event

On 18.02.2015 in “Prof. Marin Varbanov” Art Gallery a quiz commemorating the 142th anniversary of the death of the Apostle of Freedom was held entitled “Children about Levski” with the participation of 6-year-olds from nursery groups from “Druzhba” Kindergarten and “Prolet” Unified Children Care. The event was held on the initiative of “Vasil Levski” Municipal Committee, comprised by representatives of various educational and cultural institutions from the Municipality of  Oriahovo.



“Today we are commemorating the immortal deeds of Vasil Levski – a great Bulgarian, who proved his boundless love for his country and people. We learn his name in our early childhood years and it accompanies our development throughout our life, setting an example of bravery, integrity, dignity and self-effacement.” With these words the Chair of the Committee, Evgeniya Naidenova opened the event.

The quiz was held in two rounds. In the first one two teams of five children each took part: Anna Yordanova, Anzhelin Velichkova, Bogoroditsa Ventsislavova, Kristina Dilyanova, Konstantino Mladenov from “Prolet Unified Children Care, and Iva Tsvetkova, Georgi Nikolov, Simeon Dochev, Preslava Krasteva and Nevena Ivanova from “Druzhba” Kindergarten. Each participant answered a question on Levski’s life and work. In the second round the rest of the children took part. This round included three tasks – description of Levski’s personality, performance of a literary or musical piece about the outstanding hero, arranging and laying flowers in front of Levski’s portrait. The manifestation of knowledge and emotion concerning the great revolutionary were the most genuine flowers for the Apostle.

The children deserved the congratulations to them and their teachers on behalf of Hristina Tsoneva – Secretary of the Municipality of Oriahovo, who also pleased everybody with the prize – excursion to places related to the great Bulgarian. The headmistresses of both children’s institutions, Mariela Lichkova and Venelina Yonova, received a congratulatory address on behalf of Mr. Rosen Dobrev, Mayor of Oriahovo Municipality. Each group received a diploma for their excellent performance in the quiz on behalf of  “Vasil Levski” Municipal Committee.