Launch of new projects

On 12 March was the official launch of two projects of Historical Museum and “Lyudmila Zhivkova” Municipal Children’s Complex, town of Oriahovo, related to the “I Participate – Donate - Change” Program of  “First of June”  Association, Byala Slatina. with the support of “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.
The project of the Historical Museum, entitled “Sedyanka” (“Bee”) – a dialogue between past and present – aims at preserving and passing on to further generations the skills and traditional techniques of needlework. It directs public attention to folk crafts and presents a new opportunity for the transition of past to present and continuity of past traditions. What the project envisages is building of an ethnographic corner with a shed and bench and organization of three trainings: 1/ weaving and wool felt making; 2/ knitting , spinning and embroidery; 3/ preparation of preserves and traditional dishes. The creation of the authentic atmosphere of the bee (sedyanka in BG) as a folk custom is the chosen form of the training sessions in combination with performance of folk songs and dances. It is this Bulgarian custom that gathers young and old for work and entertainment. The young girls work on their needlework, spin, sew, knit in front of the eyes of young lads and older people. Work alternates with songs, dances, music, narration of myths and legends. Different generations will work for the realization of the project – students, working citizens and pensioners. Partners of the Historical Museum in this project are “Rodova Pamet” (“Generic Memory”) Foundation, “Nadezhda 1871” Community Centre,  “Lyudmila Zhivkova” Municipal Children;s  Complex, Pensioners and Disabled People’s Club “Detelina”, town of Oriahovo. The joint efforts of community centre workers, children and their teachers, active members of the pensioner’s club lie in the basis of the separate project activities. The popularization of the project and the presentation of its achievements will be accomplished by the Centre for Cultural and Historical Heritage and its site, created by “Generic Memory” Foundation.
The idea behind the project entitled “Sunday School” of “Lyudmila Zhivkova” Unified Children’s Complex is for a new form of education to give the opportunity to a greater part of children to get in touch with spiritual knowledge as a prerequisite for their spiritual health. The main activities it comprises are the creation of a separate room for the Sunday School in “St. George’s “ Church and holding classes for children on the basis of a specially prepared curriculum led by an experienced teacher. The project is in support of the struggle against spiritual deficit and the advent of various religious sects, and helps raise awareness of the perpetual values of Christian morality.
The realization of the two projects, thanks to “First of June” Association will contribute to the unification of the efforts of a large number of people for the accomplishment of their goals and will benefit the community as a whole.

Dr. Evgeniya Naidenova,
Director of Historical Museum, Town of Oriahovo