On 6 May St. George’s Day was celebrated in high spirits with an interesting program. It started with festive divine liturgy at St. George’s Church, after which young Christians gathered in the new room of the Sunday school, made in connection with a project of “Lyudmila Zhivkova”  Municipal Children’s Complex under the program “I Participate, Donate, Change of “1st June” Association, town of Byala Slatina, financed by “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.


The head of the school Violeta Doncheva gave the first lesson with a prayer and legend about St. George. The Mayor of Oriahovo, Mr. Rosen Dobrev, presented the school with an icon of the saint.

After that the ethnographic corner was opened under the project “Sedyanka”(Bee), within the framework of the same program. Here the traditions of St. George’s Day were presented in an amusing way via a reconstruction of traditions placed in a Bulgarian house. They included the preparation of a tarditional table with  traditional bread, cheese, milk and garlic. Customs related to the day were enacted, such as feeding and decorating with flowers of the ritual lamb and the preparation of St. George’s Day’s swings. The bee at which young and old will gather in the autumn was introduced.


The participants in the performance were Mariela Lichkova and Tsvetelina Hristova, members of the club “The Magic of Speech” at Municipal Children’s Complex, Dobromir Donchev and Venelin Hristov. The children from the 6-year level of “Druzhba” kindergarten in the role of “Good guests” sang a song to the host having a name day. Afterwards Evgeniya Naydenova focused on the work on the project starting on the initiative of Hristina Tsoneva – Secretary of Oriahovo Municipality, going through its preparation by the team of the Historical Museum and receiving the support of the collaborators from Pensioners’  Club “Detelina”, “Nadezhda 1871” Community Center, Municipal Children’s Complex “Lyudmila Zhivkova” and “Generic Memory” Foundation. Emphasis was placed on the work of those who made the ethnographic corner under the guidance of Penka Petrova. Gratitude was expressed to all volunteers and donors, among whom Yumer Yumerov, who donated 50 lv. to the project. In the end the attendants of the celebration had the chance to taste the ritual bread made by Olga Kunova and the votive offering. The official guests included representatives of “!st June”Association from Byala Slatina.