On 21 August, 2015 the Historical museum in Oriahovo presented the results achieved during the 6-month work on the project “Sedyanka”, financed within the framework of the program “I participate – I donate – I change” of “1st June” Association. Via a photographic exhibition displayed in front of “Prof. Marin Varbanov” Art Gallery basic moments of the completion of the project activities were shown to the public and gratitude was expressed to the participants, sponsors and partners. Alongside a bazaar was organized of the striking items created by the children who attended the training, together with the knitted work of the women from the Club of Pensioners and Disabled “Detelina” and the embroidered handkerchiefs of the members of “Nadezhda 1871” Community Center. Special guests were the master weavers Natasha and Ivan Manchovi, and Snezhka Ivanova.
Guests of the event were also Nataliya Kostadinova and Ian Yankov from “1st June” Association, Byala Slatina, and Petya Vassileva – Chair of “Rodova Pamet” Foundation – partner of the project. They greeted the attendants of the event and especially those related to the project. Petya Vassilea suggested continuation of the project by including training of children from other areas in it.
The exhibitions aroused a strong interest. The proceeds of the bazaar sales amounted to 102 lv. They will be used for the completion of the project and the maintenance of the established ethnographic corner.