6th September 2015 – 130th Anniversary of the Announcement of the Unification

On 6th Sept. we celebrate the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia. On 10 Feb., 1885 in Plovdiv a group of revolutionaries, including Zahari Stoyanov, establish the Bulgarian Secret Central Revolutionary Committee, whose goal is to prepare the unification. During the night of 5th Sept., 1885 soldiers and volunteer units assemble in the capital of Eastern Rumelia, besiege the town hall and arrest the Governor General. The Unification is announced on 6th Sept., and the secret committee is transformed into temporary government. On 10th Sept. the Act of Unification is passed by IV Ordinary National Assembly at its extraordinary session. Knyaz Alexandеr of Battenberg  is officially welcomed in Plovdiv. On 2nd Nov. the Serbian king Milan Obrenovic declares war on Bulgaria, but the still new Bulgarian army wins a victory. With the signing of the so called Tophane Agreement on 24 March 1886 Bulgaria is officially unified.
In 1885 Tseko Valchev becomes Mayor for the second time. He is the first mayor of Oryahovo after the Liberation. On 6th Sept. he sends a telegram to the government of Petko Karavelov, in which he expresses his fellow citizens’ happiness with the success of the Unification. There are meagre data about the participation of inhabitants of Oryahovo in the war to follow. On its outburst volunteers from the town and neighbouring villages form the so called Oryahovo District Unit consisting of 200 members, one of whom dies in a battle. Unfortunately, their names have not been preserved for posterity, but the memory of their bravery is kept in an old photograph.

Denitsa Petrova, Historical Museum - Oryahovo