On 21 November 2015 the Day of Oryahovo was celebrated. This is the date on which 138 years ago the town was liberated from the Ottoman rule.
The celebration began with an opening of a visiting exhibition of Regional Historical Museum – Rousse entitled Women in Society, which presents the different roles women play in our changing world. What attracted most attention were the models of ladies’ outfits belonging to various periods of time. The exhibition was opened by Mrs. Iskra Todorova, ethnologist at Regional Historical Museum – Rousse.



At 4:30 p.m. wreaths were laid in front of the monument to the Romanian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our town. The Town Mayor greeted everybody with a short speech. Among the official guests were Vladimir Uruchev, Member of the European Parliament, Petya Avramova, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, the Governors of the Districts of Vratsa and Pleven, Malina Nikolova and Ralitsa Dobreva, the Mayor of Kozlodui Marinela Nikolova, the Mayor of Knezha, Iliytcho Lachovski, representatives of the Historical Museums in Rousse and Pleven, an ethnologist at the Regional Historical Museum in Rousse.




After the ceremony, at “Nadezhda” Community Centre the third historical performance entitled A Fairy Tale about Oryahovo 1944-1989 was performed. For the third time members of “Edinenie” National Union took part. The performance recalled key moments from the town’s history, such as the twinning with the town of Shostka and the celebration of the 800th anniversary of Oryahovo. The third part of the Fairy Tale is one more evidence of the rich history and culture of Oryahovo.

Denitsa Petrova, Historical Museum - Oryahovo