In December, 2015 Historical Museum – Oriahovo won a second successive project within the program “I Participate-Donate-Change”, administrated by “First of June” Association – Byala Slatina and financed by America for Bulgaria Foundation. The new project is dedicated to the unforgettable composer Diko Iliev, who lived and worked in Oriahovo for 42 years. The focus of the project activities are on the link between generations and their memory, in which the creator of Dunavsko horo has his deserved place.
The main goal is that new data, documents and objects related to Diko Iliev be collected and that his life and works be popularized.  The project starts on 15 January with a presentation on its goals and activities. In February, there will be celebrations connected with the composer’s birthday in collaboration with “Nadezhda 1871”Community Centre. Apart from a concert of the brass band, there will be a presentation of parts of documentaries and records of Diko Iliev with the assistance of Bulgarian National TV and Bulgarian National Radio. State Archive – Vratsa is preparing a newspaper = “Nasledie” containing documents presented personally by Diko Iliev. Meetings with people related to the composer and searching for materials in the state archives in Montana and V. Turnovo are also part of the project. A separate stage will be the creation of phonotheque and video library about D. Iliev and brass orchestras. An important moment is the conference in May, which will initiate new contributions to the exploration of the work of D. Iliev through the presentation of new and unknown facts. The result will be a totally new exposition with a new plan and vision. In order for the results of the project to reach a wider public, a collection of the reports at the conference will be published as well as a brochure with D. Iliev’s biography. A museum site on Diko Iliev will be created.


Partners of the museum in the realization of the project activities are State Archive-Vratsa, “Rodova Pamet” Foundation and “Nadezhda 1871” Community Centre. We also enjoy the participation of Ass.-prof. Yordanka Minkova, PhD. We rely on the support of all those who love D. Iliev’s music and have something to share so that we are able to collect, store and pass on to those coming after us all available evidence of the great composer of the people.
Dr. Evgeniya Naydenova, project coordinator
Director of Regional Historical Museum - Oriahovo

Photos from the event: