On 18 May 2016, the Historical Museum in Oriahovo celebrated the International Day of Museums and the European Night at the Museum. The night started with the opening of the exhibition “Minerals – the Unfading Flowers of Nature” of the National Museum of the Earth and People, followed by a concert of the accordion ensemble of “P. Pipkov” National School of Arts – Pleven.



The International Day of Museums was celebrated for the first time on 18.05.1978. The decision for that was taken at the General Conference of the International Museum Council. Its major goal is for the attention of the public to be drawn to the role of museums in society and to the fact that museums are a major tool of cultural exchange. According to the Statute of the International Museum Council, “the museum is an institution with an ideal goal serving society and its development, an institution open to the public and conducting research on the material evidence concerning humankind and its surroundings”. Museums are society’s memory, protectors and promoters of knowledge of the past and historical and cultural heritage. United in their noble mission, museums celebrate their professional holiday on 18 May. The topic chosen this year is Museums and Cultural Landscape. The latter is a combination of history and environment, which interact and change in the course of time. Museums are not only intended to take care of the preservation of objects in their function of material historical evidence but also of the surrounding world related to them.
This year in the context of the topic and that of cultural exchange, the National Museum of the Earth and People displays its exhibition “Minerals – the Unfading Flowers of Nature” in Oriahovo. The interesting exhibition was prepared by Geno Tsonkov – Deputy Director and Larisa Nesheva – curator, specialist mineralogist, both of whom were special guests at the opening. Mineral samples from Bulgaria, Russia and Brazil are displayed in new windows bought especially for the hall for temporary exhibitions.

The European Night at the Museum is an initiative of the French Ministry of Culture dating from 2004. In partnership with the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the French Institute in Sofia, all events are included in a common program. The Historical Museum in Oriahovo has been part of this program for the third successive year. As an addition to the celebration related to 18 May, the European Night at the museum includes attractive events and activities meant to entertain the attendants. Our present for them was the concert of the accordion ensemble at “P. Pipkov” National School of Arts – Pleven with leader Rumen Todorov. During the musicians’ pleasant performance a presentation of unique minerals from the fund of the National Museum of the Earth and People was made. For two months, the citizens of Oriahovo will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the “unfading flowers of nature” at the Historical Museum in Oriahovo.

Evgeniya Naydenova,
Director of Historical Museum - Oriahovo