The medieval fortress “The Stone” is a symbol of Oriahovo. Its name is mentioned for the first time in the charter of the Hungarian King Vladislav IV in 1283. Data of the fortress are included in the travel accounts of the participants in the crusade of King Sigismund as well as in the chronicles of Valeran de Vivren.
In 1968-71 archeological excavations were made under the guidance of Dora Dimitrova, archeologist at the National Institute of Monuments of Culture. The research shows that there are two construction periods and the fortress dates back to the Early Middle Ages. The valuable findings give interesting information about the history of the Stone.
In 2016 the 45th anniversary of those archeological excavations are celebrated. In this connection, in the hall for temporary exhibitions of the Historical Museum in Oriahovo a documentary exhibition under the title “The Stone – Oriahovo during the Middle Ages” was displayed. The latter presents original photo documents from the excavations, the field diary, as well as a small part of the artefacts found. The exhibition can be seen by visitors from 19 July to 12 August.

Denitsa Petrova, Historical Museum – Oriahovo

Photos of the exhibition: