On 20.08.2017 Historical Museum – Oriahovo, in collaboration with Community Centre “Nadezhda 1871” presented a reconstruction of a Bulgarian traditional wedding, one of the most complex events in Bulgarian folk tradition containing a number of ritual activities. In front of the Ethnographic House fundamental rituals abided by in the past were shown before an excited audience. The reconstruction began with the invitation to the wedding and continued with the braiding of the bride and shaving of the bridegroom. The visit paid to the best man and the veiling of the bride and taking her from her home followed. The most emotional part was the visit to the bridegroom’s parents, which was followed by a vigorous Bulgarian horo. The authentic atmosphere was mainly due to the authentic folk costumes of the participants, the presence of ritual wedding songs and the wedding banner and the best man’s stick as well as the round bread for “feeding” the young about to be wed.

Denitsa Petrova, Historical Museum - Oryahovo