It was celebrated on 19.10.2018 at the museum of Diko Iliev. The Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia displayed a photographic exhibition of photographer Zholt Saboki (1941 – 2009) entitled Fortresses from the Carpatian Basin which presents 30 castles dating from X-XVIII. More than 500 fortresses were erected by the Hungarians, some of which on the ruins of ancient ones. The most intensive construction took place during XIII c. during the Mongolian invasions. The majority of them were destroyed later during the wars between the Ottoman and the Habsburg empires. A lot of these fortresses are in ruins now but some like Estergom, Buda or Vishegrad are important tourist and cultural centres. At the exhibition there was also a slideshow with interesting views of both countries. The event was accompanied by a culinary exhibition of Hungarian delicacies which the guests had the opportunity to taste.