Natural sights

The island of Esperanto (or Walnut, Leskovets) is a Bulgarian Danube island, situated from 668,8 to 672,4 km downstream in the District of Vratsa, Municipality of Oriahovo. Its size is 1,3 sq. km, which makes it the 17th largest of all Bulgarian islands.

The island is situated to the east of the village of Leskovets and to the north of the larger island, the Tongue. It has an oval shape, 4 m long and of 0,5 km maximum width in the middle. A canal, 60 m in width in its narrowest place, separates it from the Bulgarian bank and the Tongue Island (the Table). Its highest point is at 34 m, is situated in its central part, and presents denivelation of 8 m above the level of the River Danube. The Tongue Island is built up of sediments and is covered mainly by poplar trees. When the water level rises, its lowest parts are partially flooded.


Indian summer is probably the best season to plan an outlet along the Danube, to row a boat on the river, to go fishing or to have a picnic on the pristine island. It is not easy to access it, though – you must travel on the highway to the east of Oriahovo, and reaching the country road, you can proceed only in a 4x4 vehicle, or must drive at 10 km/h at the most. Otherwise, you have to go on foot to the area covered by poplars.


The Esperanto Island is a fairytale nook, totally separated from civilization. It is so close to you, and so far from hyped glamorous destinations. It is a matter of worldview, or of self-awareness. The silence of the island presents you with that biblical freedom which you seem to have long denounced, long denied or long forgotten. The water..….. it flirts with the white clouds, plays with the sand, kisses the bank…..It is water which has fallen in love with light! In the warmth of the lagoon, in the endless shallowness small fish touch your toes and you feel that communion with nature, whose existence you have considered lost. You wish you were the first human fetus – you close your eyes spontaneously and your whole self continues playing with the sunspots…………As if everything starts from the beginning……..again!