"The Savchevi" Gallery was established in 2004 as the first private gallery in the town of Oriahovo. Then there was no other gallery in the town and my idea was that the niche should be filled. Therefore, I established the gallery. In it works of various artists are displayed, not only from Bulgaria, but also from abroad, by organizing annual plainairs, one of which dedicated to Prof. Marin Varbanov. The first one was held in 1995, and since then it has been my honour to initiate one each year. Since 2004 the number of plainairs has grown, reaching 6 in 2012. In 2014 there were 4 events, one of which including sculpture. In the latter plainair 21 authors took part, 5 of which - sculptors. The gallery also organized 3 plainairs for cartoons, in which the best Bulgarian cartoonists took part. In the plainairs overall authors from 15 countries have participated, and the gallery displays the works of 260 artists altogether.
The gallery's fund is really rich, and our orientation is towards contemporary and young authors. Our goal is they should represent different countries. In my opinion, the most positive consequence of those plainairs is that they establish contacts between the authors participating in them.  
Besides painting, sculpture and cartoons, another type of art also has its place in the plainairs. Several authors made films about these events. Some authors from Sweden and Norway made a philosophical movie illustrating Oriahovo and the gallery, which has been presented in the Scandinavian countries. Another movie was created by an American, born in Moscow, whose title is "Mother Tongue". The beginning of the movie is related to the springs of the Danube, and the idea is that it reaches the river estuary. The making of the film was planned to be in three stages, Oriahovo being part of the third one.

Neicho Savchev, owner of "The Savchevi" Gallery - Oriahovo